The Gasoline Grill Smasher

500,00 kr

My father Peter is a retired toolmaker, so when I knew that I wanted the Gasoline Grill Burger to be a Smash Burger, I turned to him. I needed the right tool for the job. I came up with the design, and my father and his friend Egon, that I have known all my life, handmade the first prototype in the garage of my parents’ house in the Northwestern part of Jutland. Machined out of stainless steel and with a handmade oak wood handle — It was just right! My father and Egon have been making every single one by hand up until today and now they have helped develop and oversee the production of our new Gasoline Grill Smasher — and they approve! We use these every day at all our restaurants. I hope our new Smasher will elevate your burger game!
Enjoy, Klaus Wittrup, Founder

Available for shipping from: 21/Nov/2022 
Materials: made from stainless steel with a handmade oak wood handle 
Diameter: 10,5 cm
Designed in Denmark.
Handwash only!
500,00 kr
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The Gasoline Grill Smasher
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